Current name: Chillmark
Current lord: Maelgwyn
Current steward: a steward from Sarum
Hundred: Hillfort
Garrison: 3 footmen, 1 sergeant
Other names:
Size: £10, One knight’s household
Structures: Fortified small Stone Hall [3DV] (Furnishing), Mill, Bakery, Dovecote, Kennel, Blacksmith, Personal Armoury, Stables
Villages: Hillside
Enhancements: Chapel, Tile Roof[1DV], Carved doorways and beams
Investments: Horse Herd, Vaccary

Notable features

  • Well defended manor
  • Ancient oaths, 1 sergeant and 1 footman is supplied to the manor by the villagers.
  • Well travelled roads
  • The Hanging Tree


Chillmark is a old manorial building, it was until rather recently a small defensive outpost for a foreign lord and had been for a long time. The manor is rather well defended for it’s size and old oaths with the villagers supply it with a larger than average garrison without additional cost to the lord.

In 486 Maelgwyn began the construction of a Stone Hall to replace the old wooden hall, making it the first stone manor in Hillfort.


Household Staff: (£2,5)
1 Kitchener £0,5
1 Huntsman £0,5
2 Maids £0,5
1 Page £0,25
2 Grooms £0,5
1 Laundress £0,25

Manorial Staff: (£5)
1 Bailiff £0,75
1 Stabler £0,75
1 Blacksmith £0,75
3 Domestics £0,75
4 Seamstresses £1
4 Laborers and Grooms £1

Raw materials: (£2,5)



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