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Player notes: Æsc seems to focus on raiding others, best keep it that way.

One of the traditional Home of the the Gwessi Tribe of the Cymri, who were the ruling family in the time of King Vortigern.

Closely allied to, and inter married with, the Saxon Mercenaries under the command Saxon kings Hengest and Horsa. The two royal families became closely bound when King Vortigern married the Saxon Princess Rowena. the lands of Gwessi, now renamed Kent, were given to the Princess as gift to seal the wedding.

The Gwessi were dispersed across many Saxons Kingdoms after the Battle of Kent in 470AD a great victory in the the Rise of the Pendragons.

Kent was taken by Hengists Son Aesc in 473 AD.

Also known as: Kent

Dominant lord: Æsc
Heir: Kinniarc
Political strength: Insignificant (1)
Military strength: Dangerous (5)

Regional trait:
Regional passion: Hate Danes


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