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Player notes: They still remember Uther’s war and what you did in it.

Much of the county of Bedegraine is forest, but with wide open spaces around its two capitals—Bedegraine and Nottingham, the Summer and Winter capitals. It’s cities are Roman in culture and Nottingham is home to a Roman Christian Bishop; the countryside is Cymric Christians. Nottingham is noteworthy for its underground residences, which stay a comfortable, though slightly cool, temperature year round, while Bedegraine is home to a large castle around which a town has grown up. This land has suffered many years of civil war and is beginning to loose strength.

Vassal to: -none-, King Uther (formely)
Dominant lord: Count Sanam
Heir: Marius
Political strength: Noteworthy (3)
Military strength: Prevalent (2)

Regional trait: Suspicious of Lindsey
Regional passion: Hate Saxons


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