Battle of Mount Damen

Year: 484
Commander: King Uther
Location: Mount Damen, Malahaut
Opponent: Octa and Eosa
Outcome: Decisive Victory [Uther]
Length of battle: 3 rounds
Battle size: Medium



As the bannersons sit dejected in the camp of a defeated army with most knights wounded at the least, Merlin appears. He is much older than he should be, and speak to the quartet of their task. Apparently, he is the one who they should seek in the tower of the toad. His advice is to bargain with the loathly lady of forest gloom, for the Wyrm of forest perilous, guardian of the pond, is a foe likely beyond the young knights. When asked if he can save Melkin, Merlin rises and walks into a faerie ring. He thrusts his staff deep into the earth and calls wholeness and strength from the land. It washes across the defeated army, healing and revitalizing all. The mighty spell takes a dreadful toll, carving new lines of age in Merlin’s increasingly withered face.

He brings the four knights to the King, and speaks his plan. He knows where the Saxons are and will bring the army to them, they are drunk and unprepared. This, he says, is where the wheel turns. A moment of destiny.

He leads the army forth, his donkey the fastest mount of all the great lords finest horses, and the Saxons are caught by surprise. Great slaughter ensues, the men of Logres go mad with bloodlust and hate, few Saxons escape into the forests. Thus was the fall of Malahaut and, at length, Logres averted.

Among the Saxon prisoners Lord Elad is found, fallen to madness and unaware of where or who he is. Tortured, broken, and his tongue cut in serpents twain. Maelgwyns strong and compassionate character manages to pull him out of madness.
The quartet pleads for him before Count Salisbury, citing his strong reasons for leaving and punishment already endured. The count will take him back if he marries a woman of his choosing, not otherwise. The matter remains unresolved.

Battle of Mount Damen

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