Battle of Menevia

Player notes:
Lord Amig and Lord Elad fought in this battle, they brought their squires Cadry, Melkin, Gamond, and Maelgwyn.

Year: 480
Commander: Prince Uther
Location: Menevia, Estragales (Cambria)
Opponent: Gillomanius, Irish King
Outcome: Decisive victory, the Irish flee back into the sea.
Length of battle: 9 rounds
Battle size: Large


The Irish King Gillomanius and his ally, Paschent, the third son of Vortigern the Tyrant, land a great army at Menevia in Cambria. They are unopposed by the king of Estregales. High King Aurelius Ambrosius has learned of the attack through spies and dispatched Uther and Merlin the Magician to deal with the threat. Uther’s army meets the Irish at the seashore of Menevia where the Irish have beached their ships. The King of Estregales closes himself and his army into his castles, refusing to fight for either side.

Battle of Menevia

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