Battle of Mearcred Creek

Year: 485
Commander: King Uther
Location: Mearcred Creek, Borderstream
Opponent: King Aelle
Outcome: No victor
Length of battle: 5 rounds
Battle size: Medium

Battle of Mearcred Creek


The army had assembled at the county of Berock at the order of King Uther. Upon arriving our heroes found out that a captured saxon spy that had asked for Cadry by name. The crazed man had apparently been captured by prince Madoc and as of such, the four knights went to ask him about the prisoner.

At the prince’s pavilion however, the found an entire gather of knights. Not only prince Madoc was present but also sir Meliodas, sir Segurant, sir Arnoullant and Melkin’s distant uncle the one-legged-knight sir Victus. The four knights got to tell the others their encounter with the loathly lady the year before. Victus told them that he had met uncle Corwyn up north apparently hunting the questing beast to the young knights’ consternation. Sir Segurant as always talked about the dragon he was looking for, to no one’s surprise.

In the end prince Madoc gave the saxon spy to Cadry to do with as he please. When Cadry tried to talk to the prisoner, the saxon suddenly challenged Cadry to a duel. Agreeing, they fought and Cadry killed the saxon berserker in one swing.

If only the battle itself had gone as well as the duel, but it did not. The our young knights and hundreds more were led by Amig crashing into the enemy, and initially the battle looked promising. Then Cadry took a spear to the throat in a mortal attack by one of Wotan’s men. Trying desperately to get him out of combat they retreated fighting fiercely through the saxon throng. In the retreat Melkin took a sword through his left shoulder and was majorly wounded.

Maelgwyn and Gamond managed to get their dying friend’s into the camp were the medics cared for them. Melkin pleaded with Gamond and Maelgwyn to trade his favor with duke Eldol to send his best surgeon to save Cadry’s life. Gamond managed to get by duke Eldol’s son and beg duke Eldol for his help. Duke Eldol was true to his word and his best physician managed to nurse Cadry back to life, with nothing but a scar to show for the trouble.

As chronicled by sister Elaine and Brother Philippos of Ambrius Abbey.

Battle of Mearcred Creek

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