Aurelius Poisoned

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Aurelius Poisoned

Having returned from the adventure of the Imber bear the squires arrived at Vagon castle, but found the castle under lockdown. Instead they had to ride to Sarum were lord Amig and lord Elad had been summoned to.

When the young men arrived at Sarum they found the city teeming with people. High king Aurelius Ambrosius had brought his army and all his most important advisers to the city. All the kings, lords, knights and men attended a feast but it was not for our humble squires. Instead they were assigned chores in the stables.

Cadry, Melkin and Maelgwyn all handled their tasks with aplomb, but Gamond quickly fell behind with his. In the end Cadry and Melkin aided their friend, while Maelqwyn watched after having a saddle thrown at him by the frustrated Gamond.

They were not yet done when high king Ambrosius himself entered the courtyard to take a piss and with him came his medicus and a couple of bodyguards. Having never seen the king up close before the young men peeked at him when he suddenly cried out, and the medicus abruptly ran past them.

“Stop him! Get me that man!” the king cried. Cadry, Melkin and Maelgwyn ran after the medicus to capture him. Gamond grabbed a javelin and threw it at the man missing and hitting one of the horses in the stable in its’ ass.

The chase brought the young men to the top of the wall surrounding the Rock. Maelgwyn, being the fastest, managed to grab the man as he was climbing over the wall. The medicus drew his dagger to stab the squire in the neck. As the dagger was travelling maliciously through the air someone intoned a spell and the dagger flew out of the assassin’s hand. The medicus went pale, wriggled out of Maelgwyn’s grip and fell to his death at the base of the wall. The wizard Emrys Myrrdin (Merlin) had saved Maelgwyn with his magic, but was annoyed that the culprit’s secrets had been lost. The high king Aurelius had been poisoned but was still alive.

As chronicled by Sister Elaine and Brother Philippos of Ambrius Abbey

Aurelius Poisoned

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