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Player notes: King Idres has taken Rockstown Hundred by conquest from Salisbury.

The moors of Ascalon are haunted by giants, men say, though they are rarely seen. Exeter is a significant southern port and fishing center, and many small villages dot the land. The land has a perticular hatred of the Irish that have raided the coastal parts of Ascalon for generations and the county traditionally send raids back to Eire for vengence.

King Idres himself has invaded Ascalon and rules the county as a base for his invasion of Britain and the county acts as a base of operations for both his armies and his political war. He has left his son Prince Mark in charge in Cornwall.

Dominant lord: King Idres of Cornwall
Heir: Prince Mark
Political strength: Substantial (5)
Military strength: Leading (7)

Regional trait:
Regional passion: Hate Irish


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