Ambush at Eburacum

Year: 484
Commander: King Uther
Location: East of Eburacum, Malahaut
Opponent: Octa and Eosa
Outcome: Crushing Defeat
Length of battle: 7 rounds
Battle size: Large


On the road to Eburacum, as night falls, the entire army is ambushed by Saxons on the march. Attacked from all sides it is cut to pieces, knights gathering in knots of steel around their lords and eventually punching their way free. Most footmen, many squires and many knights perish.

The Bannersons fight like cornered wolves, despite their inexperience and youth they beath back several waves of Saxons and manage to defend the wagon with the women until King Uther breaks out of the ambush, drawing many attacking Saxons after him. This creates an opening where they can fight their way out as well. Melkin is gravely wounded, taking a spear through the lung. Anwyn nearly dies as she falls off her horse and is saved by Cadrys squire, who is then slain by Saxons.

Logres mounted troops outpace the howling Saxons, but both footmen and supplies are lost.

Ambush at Eburacum

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