A new beginning…

There comes a time, where need to become men. In 480, that time came for four young squires in Salisbury. Their knights, who had once been squires to their squire’s fathers, felt it was time that the boys had a real adventure, and sent them of to find the The Imber Bear, which haunted a nearby village. The knights, who were quite certain that the bear was not real, saw no danger in sending the boys of.

After the adventure with the bear, they returned to Vagon, only to find that their knights had returned to Sarum, and the squires quickly followed. In Sarum they found the entire royal army gathered, as well as many of the dukes of the land. But it was to be a cold night, since during the knight, the High King was poisoned by a treacherous physician.

Nonetheless, the High King ordered his brother Uther and his new son Madoc to travel to Cambria and deal with the Irish invasion, while Aurelius himself was to deal with the Saxon threat.

This led to two great battles, The Battle of Menevia and The Battle of Salisbury. The squires and their knights fought in the first of these, and returned wounded only to see their homeland smoldering after the saxon invasion. Would there ever be an end to these saxon invasions?

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Did you know…

This story follows The Great Pendragon Campaign in the Pendragon RPG and takes place in Salisbury County in Logres.


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