A Dawn Will Come

Ostensibly to bring peace to all sides, Vortigern and Hengist call a council of all combatants to meet at Stonehenge for a feast of peace. Seeking reconciliation, almost all British knights attend. The Saxons prove their worth through great treachery, though, and the majority of the nobles of Britain are slain in the “ Night of Long Knives.” In the subsequent confusion, a large part of their armies are dispersed or slain.

After the disastrous feast, four warriors find themselves lying amongst the corpses of their fellow men, yet they still breath. The mysterious lady appears, telling them that she is to deliver the promise of a gift. If they swear the oath to her goddess will grant them breath until the dawn rises over Salisbury. Time enough to ride home to their hundred, and save their families from utter annihilation.

They all agree, ending their lives to save their families in the Adventure of the Coming Dawn.

By the salt of blood and brine
I pledge this bloodline to the Stone.
From this day forth we shall be true and faithful.
Seven times she will call our line.
Seven times we will answer.
In the name of the Lady and all her Crows
I bind my blood to service.

Reading tips of 463 to 479:

Night of Long Knives
The recount of the single most deadly treachery in British history, so far.

The Adventure of the Coming Dawn
The recount of the last stand of the Bannermen.

Sins of the father
Maelgwyn retells history from his youth.

Red hands and red hats
What happens when a kids run of into the forest alone?

Urien’s lessons
Good to know there is always good role-models around when you grow up.

The last night
How it ended, from Bryn’s eyes.

By the winter fire 479
What is whispered in the halls of the courts of Salisbury late in winter?

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Did you know…

This story follows The Great Pendragon Campaign in the Pendragon RPG and takes place in Salisbury County in Logres.


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