The Rules of Hospitality

It was a dark and brooding year, when the newly built castle of DuPlain was beset by trouble. As ancient oaths of hospitality is broken, four of the surviving bannermen tries to save their Lord’s face.

And a mysterious woman appears at court, follower by dark crows.


Recommended reading

The retelling of old stories.

Bryn suffers the Hillfort Cough

Edern rides on patrol and faces bandits.

Cadwallon learns the problem with having affairs with the washer-girls.

Conversations in front of the fire
Raising a squire is not easy.

Unwelcome gifts
Squire Elad is looking where he shouldn’t.

By the Winter Fire, 460
Rumours whispered at the court.

Other information

This story follows The Great Pendragon Campaign in the Pendragon RPG and takes place in Salisbury County in Logres.


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