Domina Supera

Born a merchants daughter, married to sir Ennis.


Born: 474
Daughter number: 1
Homeland: Hantonne, Logres
Culture: Roman
Husband: Ennis of Marwth since 492
Current Class: Lady
Current Home: Hindon
Personality: Calm as a millpond, heart like a lion
Distinctive features: Kind brown eyes, porcelain skin

♀ Annia, b. 495
♀ Valeria, b 496
♂ Virgil, b. 497 (born healthy)
♀ Nereida, b. 498 (cursed: has father’s eyebrows)


  • Temperate (18)
  • Lazy (14)


  • Stewardship: 15
  • Law: 11
  • Gaming: 11

495: Came with her husband Ennis to Salisbury whilst being pregnant with their first daughter.

496: Acted as help-steward to lady Nest at Hindon manor and had her sencond daughter.

497: Had her first son, a healthy good-looking child.

498: Had her third daughter who was born with unnaturally thick eyebrows.

Domina Supera

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