Sewel of DuPlain

The former steward of DuPlain, grumpy and mean.


Born: 418
Son number: 2
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: -
Liege Lord: Robyn of Sorviodunum
Current Class: Warrior, Steward
Current Home: DuPlain, currently imprisoned in Llud’s Hall
Distinctive features:
Built like a vulture, nasty rash

Current entourage




The Butler of DuPlain, old Finn

Known for
One brick short of a pile.


460: Took part in the The Adventure of The Rules of Hospitality and was taken to the Sheriff to deal with his treachery of the old ways. But, due to the rebellion, his case was never taken to court.

482: Appears again, as an old, crazy man. Has spent more than 20 years, forgotten in the dungeon of Llud’s Hall, the new Sheriff will have nothing of it. He plans to execute the old man, when Maelgwyn ap Ceiwyn intervenes and promises to take care of the old man.

499: Sir Padern takes custody of Sewel from Sir Maelgwyn, and moves him to Swallowcliffe.

Sewel of DuPlain

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