Sir Segurant the Brown

"The Knight of the Dragon"


Grandson of Sir Hector the Brown and member of the famous “Brun” family, Segurant showed unusual prowess with weapons at a very young age. He is so proud of his family that he has even colored his armor brown. He is sometimes called “The Knight of the Dragon” because of his pursuit of a monster that spends half of its time ravaging various lands, and the other half evading Sir Segurant. He is tall, strong, handsome, and he knows it. He uses his piercing dark eyes and luxurious hair to his advantage while flirting with the ladies. He is friends with Sir Arnoullant the Fair.


SegurantBorn: 449
Son number: 2
Homeland: Lonazep, Logres
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord: Galehaut the Brown
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: Castle on the Water (Castle Brun)

Appearance: Big and Strong
Personality: Hedonist Hero
Distinctive features: Tall, Piercing Dark Eyes, Luxurious Hair

Valour, Energetic, Lustful, Hunting, Spear Expertise, Sword

Notable family:


Sir Segurant the Brown

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