Sæxwolf the Destroyer

A great saxon warchief and foremost hero amongst Saxons


Sæxwolf is a legendary Saxon hero and warchief, son of Sigeberht. He has earned his nickname “The Destroyer” after having so often utterly devastated his enemies with overwhelming force. Unlike many of his fellow saxons he tends to not engage in battle unless the odds are truly on his side. One should not however think that he is a coward, since he almost always leads his own troops personally in battle.

He is a religious warrior, famous for his skill with his giant sword. He does not use horses and wields a giant sword forged to look similar to Sword of Sigeberht. It is said that he holds a personal grudge with the Cellydon family for having taken his father’s sword from his many years ago.

For a saxon, he is rather civilized and prefers to treat his enemies justly. But he is cunning and clever, and Saxon honor us not Cymric honor. He takes what he can, the sword rules all.

Born: 463
Son number: 1
Homeland: Jute
Culture: Saxon/Jute
Lineage: Fenris
Liege Lord: King Ælle
Current Class: Warchief
Current Home: Suth Seaxe
Distinctive features:
Athletic, Impressive beard, Tall

Sigeberht (father)
♀ Stin (mother)
♀ Elswyth (wife)
♀ Eoforhild (daughter)

Energetic, Generous, Proud, Merciful, Worldly, Reckless, Indulgent, Valorous, Just, Two-handed Sword, Battle, Hate (Cellydon)
Religious (Wotan)


463: Stin, wife of Sigeberht births a son. She names him Sæxwolf. Stories goes that he tore of his own umbilical cord at birth.

464: Returns to Jute-land to be raised with his mother.

477: Comes to Suth Seaxe with his mother Stin, who has taken up the sword to avenge the death of her husband. She relentlessly trains her son to become the best warrior the Saxons have ever seen.

478: Sæxwolfs half-sister sacrifices herself to Wotan, to grant her brother strength in the wars to come. Sæxwolf is furious that his mother allowed it, but cannot deny the strength of the sacrifice. A Saxon witch from The Sisters of the Wolf shows up. She claims that she and her sisters served Sæxwolfs father. She prophecies great things for the young warrior.

480: Sæxwolf leads his first unit in battle. Several loyal Fenris-clan members join the young man as he sails one of the Fenris ships into Salisbury. The young man manages to brake through the knights defensive ring and kills the weakened Aurelius Ambrosius in personal combat. He retreats from the battle, after his uncle sacrifices himself to ensure sage passage for the new young hero.

484: Fights as a mercenary in the Ambush at Eburacum, famously came up with the plan to ambush the British when they marched. Personally slays seven knights and a score of footsoldiers.

485: Sæxwolfs second cousin on his fathers side dies in a duel with Cadry the Strange. Sæxwolf swears vengeance before the old gods and calls for a blood fued, but bides his time.

486: Fenris raiders kills four cellydon children, three of them sacrificed to wotan and the fourth. Cadry’s cousin fourth removed is sent back with his face cut.

486: In revenge, Sæxwolf tracks down Corwyn ap Cadlew. Corwyn manages to kill Sæxwolfs warrior, but Sæxwolf steps in and finishes the job. He sends the bones back as an insult.

487: Three Fenris warriors looses their lives to Cadry the Strange. Their heads given as a gift to Roderick.

491: An minor chieftain, Lifstan, tries to impress Sæxwolfs clan. He is a great warrior and sets out to kill Cellydons greatest hero. He fails.

492: Ælle promises one of his daughters to anyone that slays a great monster that haunts the coast of Suth Seaxe. Sæxwolf takes up the challenge and manages to slay the dragonling through a cunning trap.

493: Marries Elswyth, one of Ælles daughters, she bears two children the same winter, twins. The boy dies only a few weeks after birth but the girl lives. She is named Eoforhild. The saxon witches claims the boy was taken by Wotan, as a price for the Sword still being missing.

493: Manages to free Octa and Eosa from their cell in London by leading a group of saxon warriors through the old roman sewage-tunnels.

495: Fights in the The Battle of St Albans. Has many great victories on the battlefield, and manages to lead his Fenris warriors all the way up to the inner circle. His troops manages to almost press through the knights lines and he sets his eyes on Uther himself. But the larger Eosa presses forward. Sæxwolf warns him that he will not be able to take Uther in hand to hand combat, but Eosa scoffs at him. Eosa dies moments later, beheaded by Excalibur. Sæxwolf spots Cadry in the frey, but is unable to reach him.

496: Fights in Hantonne against the remaining rebel knights. Get’s the nickname “Bridge-bane” after he personally chops down a bridge causing nearly 20 knights from Hantonne to fall into a river and drown with their horses.

497: Refuses to bow before King Cerdic, survives.

498: Is “promoted” as a personal advisor to King Ælle.

Sæxwolf the Destroyer

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