Rudderch, Dominus Sorviodunum

The great warlord of Sarum the Rock, father of Robyn.


Salisbury.pngBorn: 408
Died: 455
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: House of Sarum Rock
Liege Lord: High King Vortigern
Current Class: Warlord
Current Home: Sarum Rock, Under-ditch hundred
Distinctive features:
Hairy eyebrows

Forms of address

Common: Warlord
Personal: Rudderch (or more polite: Lord Rudderch)
Colloquial name: Salisbury (or more polite: Warlord Salisbury)
Informal: Dominus Sorvidunum, (Lord of Salisbury)
Formal: Avon Flumen Torrentem Dominus (Lord of the Brook of Avon River), Dominus Sorviodunum (Lord of the Sarum Rock), Lord Rudderch, Warlord of Salisbury; Lord of the Castle of the Rock, Castle of the Borders, Castle of the DuPlain, Castle of Vagon, and other lands of note.
Optional Suffix: son of Renn, Lord of the Brook

Current entourage

Helena. b. 411. d. 443 (childbirth)

♀ Arianne, b. 431
♀ Helene, b. 432
Robyn, b. 433
♂ Accus, b. 443 d. 453 (illness)

Several young sons of great warriors

A grand court of followers

Known for


Rudderch, Dominus Sorviodunum

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