Queen Rowena

The dark ghost of Snowdon


Rowena was the queen of High King Vortigern, and the daughter of Cyning Hengest.

Following his brother, Horsa, and his arrival at Ynys Ruym, Hengist negotiated with the King of the Britons, Vortigern, for more land. At her father’s orders, Rowena got Vortigern drunk at a feast, and he was so enchanted by her, he agreed to give her father whatever he wanted in exchange for permission to marry her (the fate of Vortigern’s first wife, Sevira, daughter of Magnus Maximus, is not known).

It is clear to many that the British king’s lust for a pagan woman was a prompting by the Devil. Hengist demands the Kingdom of Kent, which Vortigern foolishly grants him. This agreement proves disastrous for the Britons and allows the Saxons to strengthen their foothold in Britain considerably.

According to historians, Vortigern “and his wives” were burned alive by heavenly fire in the fortress of Snowdon, “Vortigern’s Rock”, in North Wales.

Born: 429
Daughter number: 1
Homeland: Juteland and Kent
Culture: Saxon
High King Vortigern
Class: Queen
Home: Snowdon

Personality: Banshee
Distinctive features: White skin, Long hair, Open wounds

♂ Cerdic, b. 451

Older pictures

Young Rowena


450: Marries Cyning Hengest, and is given the civitas Cantiacii as a bride price.

451: Births a son, Cerdic

462: By some rumours, poisons her son-in-law Vortimer the Blessed with poison.

469: Dies in a fire in the tower of Mount Snowdon.

498: Is found to still be haunting the old tower of Mount Snowdon by several knights venturing into the old ruins.

Queen Rowena

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