The Knight of Ribs

Wielder of the Blade of Hate, Brother of Amhar(?)


The mysterious evil knight roaming the forest of Summerland and the surrounding counties. Many stories are told about him, few are detailed since most commoners fear to speak about him. They say he wields the the Blade of Hate, making him an almost undefeatable opponent.

What is known, is that he is utterly cruel and outright evil, he tears the eyes from helpless victims and cuts out their tongues. He then ties the victims to poles, and promises to return for anyone that helps them.

Whatever motivates this man and his evil deeds is beyond any mortal.


Knight of RibsBorn: ?
Son number: ?
Homeland: Summerland
Culture: Cymric?
Liege Lord: None, rogue “knight”
Current Class: Knight (?)
Current Home: Roaming

Appearance: Malnourished
Personality: Evil Knight
Distinctive features: Thin like bones, Pale, Malnourished

Hate (Summerland), Hate (Anarawd), Hate (Innocents), Sword, Lance, Feary Lore, Vengeful, Selfish, Deceitful, Arbitrary, Cruel, Suspicious

Earlier: Hate (Adwen), Hate (Amhar)


463: Killed Adwen and Amhar during the Night of the Long Knives, for vengeance for some slight no one remembers.

482: Resurfaced in Summerland.

The Knight of Ribs

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