Princess of Twilight

Ruler of the lands of Twilight in Faerie


This unearthly lady rules the lands of Twilight, a place somewhere between the seelie and the unseelie courts but probably closer to seelie. She holds a magnificent court in a great stone circle on an unending plain where all flowers known to man (and many not of this earth) grow.

She has at least one son and several daughters.

Some experts on the lands of faerie assume that she is the daughter of Oberon the king of all faeries but there is no true knowledge that can substantiate the rumour.


488: Sir Cadry made a deal with the princess in order to regain his beloved Brangwen, who was a guest of the court at the time. The knight promised the princess his firstborn daughter when she turned into a woman. She would then be escorted to the princess’s court to become a daughter of hers.

Princess of Twilight

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