Lady Nest

Second wife to Melkin.


Marwth Born: 468
Daughter number: 2
Homeland: Salisbury, Logres
Culture: Cymric
Husband: Melkin of Marwth
Current Class: Lady
Current Home: Hindon
Personality: Introvert
Distinctive features: Wheat blond hair

♀ Indeg, b. 484, d. 493
♂ unnamed, b. 485, d. 485
♀ Ennys, b. 488
♀ Camlinne b. 488
♀ Aquilina b. 490
♀ unnamed, b. 494, d. 494
♂ Placus b. 495 (in reality not a son of Nest and Melkin but a bastard of a relative)

Step children:
♂ Brynach, b. 485 – (Named after Melkin’s father, Bryn)
♀ Ceri, b. 486 – (Named after Melkin’s adoptive mother, Cerys)

Wife-skill: 15
Singing: 15
Courtesy: 15
Intrigue: 9

Blond long hair, Blue eyes, Frail (-3 childbirth)


486: Married Melkin of Marwth with some hesitation.

488: Bore identical twin daughters.

489: Followed sir Melkin to Bretagn.

490: Spent most of the year at king Idre’s court in Bretagn, where she gave birth to her 4th daughter. Became depressed after the conception and moved to Saint Evasius Abbey after returning back to Hillfort.

492: Recovered from her depression and returned home to Hindon.

493: Lost her firsborn daughter to the icy waters of Nadar River.

494: Had a row with Melkin about grief.

495: Lost Melkin to poisoning. Took in a relative’s bastard (Placus) pretending him to be her and Melkin’s legitimate son.

Lady Nest

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