Sir Morcant

The long lost son of Morlais has returned.


Sir Morcant is the son of Morlais, one of the so called Bannermen, and heir to Swallowcliffe. His pregnant mother travelled to Brittany as her husband was killed in the Night of the Long Knives. He was raised in a cloister in Brittany but was given a warrior’s training as a squire at King Idres court. He was later granted knighthood and served as a household knight. Returning to Britain, he was meade a vassal knight to count Roderick.

He died at the battle of St Albans.


MoraineBorn: 464
Son number: 3 (older brothers killed in 463)
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Moraine
Heraldry: Argent, a swaying snake Azure in pale swallowing a child Carnation
Liege Lord: count Roderick
Current Class: Vassal Knight
Current Home: Swallowcliffe, Hillfort hundred
Distinctive features: Steel grey eyes

Forms of address

Common: Sir Morcant
Derogatory: -
Personal: Morcant
Colloquial name: Swallowcliffe
Informal: Morcant of Swallowcliffe
Formal: Sir Morcant, Lord of Swallowcliffe manor.
Optional Suffix: of the Moraine

Notable possessions

  • Marvelous goose
  • “Spike”, Charger, colour: butter yellow




Notable Family:
Morlais of the Moraine, father. d. 463
Lady Arnive, mother
Sir Tudwal, (maternal) uncle, currently in prison
Sir Cynan, married with femal kin

Wives and consorts:
Beladora, consort, b.472, m. 487, d. 489
Eleanor, wife, b. 474, w. 490

♂ Brannag the Bastard, b. 488, d.491
♂ Mil the Mishappen Bastard, b. 489, d.489


“His son Morcant inherits the manor of Swallowcliffe with all the lands that came with it, an old cymric chainmail with helmet, a cymric sword, a dagger, 5 spears, 10 javelins and three painted shields. All other possessions were buried with him.”

Domesday book

By the honorable rights granted to us through virtue of blood, tradition and right to the dominion of Salisbury, I, Count Roderick of Salisbury, son of Count Robyn called the Grand Knight, do recognize that by right, since Time Immemorial, that Sir Morcant, the son of Morlais, carries all rights to the manor of Swallowcliffe, to be held in perpetuity, with the right of judgement at the hundred court of Hillfort.

In return for this recognition the good friend my vassal agrees to supply upon demand, for service inside or outside or my county, the service for sixty days of one knight, and two Foot Soldiers for the army, and one Archer for the garrison of Vagon Castle.

These rights are granted in full faith and completion, but in every case excluding those parcels that are legitimately held by other vassals of mine, or by legitimate vassals of theirs, and therefore to this charter we set my seal in trust and affection.

463: Father killed in the Night of Long Knives. Pregnant mother fled to Brittany and took refuge in the monastary of Our Lady.

464: Born at Our Lady.

479: Squired by King Idres.

485: Knighted by King Idres and made household knight.

486: Won chess tournamnet and made Sir Cynan swear fealty for “seven years and a day”.

487: Took Beladore as mistress.

488: Fought with Kennig, Beladore’s father, broken nose.

489: Found Severus the Black monk and the deeds to Swallowcliff manor; wrote letter to count Roderick. Beladore died, giving birth to mishappen monster. Brannag traumatized by loss of mother and glimps of brother’s horrible corpse. Kenning’s hate of Morcant grew stronger.

490: Courted and married Lady Eleanor. Fought with Kennig again, lost two teeth. Met Sir Melkin, currently prisoner at King Idres court, formed alliance.

491: Returned to Britain. On his first night on british soil, he had a strange and troubling dream. Rode to the Rock. Swore fealty to count Roderick, after the latter granted Swallowcliff to him. Found that Sir Tidwal had escaped, but that his son Padern had stayed behind.

495: Killed by a saxon berserker in the ambush by the gates of St Albans.

Sir Morcant

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