Sir Meliodas of Lyonesse

Adventuring knight, prince of Lyonesse


A younger son of Felec, King of Lyonesse, Sir Meliodas has been set adrift with nothing but his horse and armor to make his own fortune. Some say, that through his prowess and adventuring, he will become one of the most powerful knights in Britain.


meliodasBorn: 455
Son number: 3
Homeland: Lyonesse, Logres
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord: King Felec
Current Class: Prince, Knight
Current Home: Travelling

Appearance: Heroic
Personality: Lawful Hero
Distinctive features: Brown hair, Squinty eyes, Beard, Youthfull

Valour, Honest, Just, Courtesy, Orate, Great Axe, Lance, Sword

Notable family:
King Felec (father)


Sir Meliodas of Lyonesse

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