Lady Marion

The mysterious and possibly scandalous young wife of Maelgwyn.


Marion is a mysterious young woman of Irish and Cornish descent, said to come from the court of Cornwall. Rumour has it that she served as a maid-in-waiting to the Duchess of Cornwall. Little is known of her heritage or her family, and she brought no dowry to the marriage.

Silent voices whisper that there was some sort of great scandal at the court in Cornwall surrounding Marion, or at least the possibility of it. And for some reason the Duke of Cornwall called in an old favour from Roderick to arrange the marriage of the young girl.

Born: 474
Daughter number: 3
Homeland: Salisbury ,Logres
Culture: Irish/Cornish
Husband: Maelgwyn the Lonely
Current Class: Lady
Current Home: Chillmark

Personality: Secretive
Distinctive features: Frail (-1 childbirth), Red hair, Green eyes, Porcelin skin

♂ Gwynn ap Maelgwyn b.486
♂ Breichan ap Maelgwyn b. 489
♂ Bradwen ap Maelgwyn b.489.
Kidnapped by saxons in 495
♀ Athena ap Maelgwyn b. 491
♀ Ariana ap Maelgwyn b. 491
♀ Mair ap Maelgwyn b. 492
Talia ap Maelgwyn, b. 494 d. 494
♀ Sarah ap Mealgwyn, b. 495
♂ Dion ap Maelgwyn, b. 497
♂ Erudice ap Maelgwyn, b. 498

Wife-skill, Music, Courtesy, Deceitful (secretive)


Lady Marion

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