Maria, Domina a Castrum de Cerva

The wife of Robyn, Mistress of the Castle of the Roe Deer


Maria, the wife of the former Lord of Salisbury is an middle aged woman by the Uther Period. She still lives in Sarum, and advices her son in the day to day ruling of the County.

Born: 433
Daughter number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres, (Originally from Thamesmouth)
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: House of Roe Deer
Liege Lord: Robyn of Sorviodunum
Current Class: Domina
Current Home: Sarum Rock, Under-ditch hundred
Distinctive features:
Expressionless face, lovely features, white fingers

Forms of address

Common: Mea Domina
Personal: Maria (or more polite: Lady Maria)
Colloquial name: Domina Sorviodunum
Informal: Lady of Salisbury
Formal: Domina a Castrum de Cerva (Lady of the Ford of the Roe Deer), Domina Sorviodunum, Lady Maria, Wife of Robyn of Sorviodunum. Lady of the hundreds of Rockstown, Highhome and many lands and manors of note.
Optional Suffix: wife of Robyn of Sorviodunum, daughter of Marcus

Current entourage

Maria, Domina a Castrum de Cerva (Mistress of the Castle of the Deer). b. 440

♀ Anna, b. 445
♂ Roderick, b. 450
♂ Renn, b. 450 d. 453
♀ Adelia, b. 455
♀ Adela, b. 455

A score of young women

A grand court of followers

Known for


Maria, Domina a Castrum de Cerva

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