Maelgwyn the Bulwark

The Bulwark

10441 glory
“His son Maelgwyn inherits the manor of Chillmark with all the lands that came with it, an empty bottle of Martin’s water, a magic swordbelt, an old cymric chainmail with helmet, a cymric sword, a dagger, 5 spears and two painted shields. The Saxon Clothes he wore at time of death was burned. "

Maelgwyn is the son of Ceiwyn, one of the so called Bannermen, and heir to Chillmark. He watched his father die while he was still very young and has been raised by his adoptive mother and his adoptive father in Ludwell. He hasn’t seen much of his family very often. He is currently serving as a vassal knight to Count Roderick of the Rock


Tarren.pngBorn: 461
Son number: 2
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Tarren
Heraldry: Chevronny azure and argent
Liege Lord: Count Roderick
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: Chillmark, Hillfort hundred
Distinctive features: Flaming Hair, Chiseled, Clean cut, Built like Adonis

Forms of address

Common: Sir
Personal: Maelgwyn
Colloquial name: Chillmark
Informal: Maelgwyn of Chillmark
Formal: Sir Maelgwyn of Chillmark manor.
Optional Suffix: of the Tarren
Cognomen: the Lonely, the Lonesome, the Immovable

Notable possessions


  • Cynsten – bodyguard
  • Rhyfel – self-proclaimed protege and hawkboy
  • Sister Abigail – Sister of Healing from the Order of St. Raymond Nonnatus
  • Chaplain Padger – Chaplain



Notable Family:
Lady Lilo, Adoptive Mother
Bodwyn of Ludwell, Adoptive Father
Alec Ap Gwion, Old knight, The brother of Urien
Gariadus Ap Lionel, Middle-aged Knight, A knight who recently came to his senses after a bout of madness.
Markod Ap Lionel, Middle-aged Knight, The younger brother of Gariadus
Greid Ap Markod,Young Knight, the oldest son of Markod
Penwyn Ap Markod,Young Knight, the youngest son of Markod
Penn Ap Cynsten,Young Knight, the first son of Cynsten
Jareth Ap Alec,Young Knight, the newly knighted brother of Sarah
Guinier ap Gariadus, Young Knight,
Fyrsil ,Lineage man, Shield bearer. The only other member of the Tarren family allowed to touch The Aegis.The second son of Cynsten.

Wives and consorts:
Lady Siân 484-485, Died in childbed
Lady Dwyn 486-486, Died in Childbed
Lady Marion 489-

Stillborn b.485
Wyned, adopted b.485
Gwynn ap Maelgwyn b.486
♂ Breichan ap Maelgwyn b. 489
♂ Bradwen ap Maelgwyn b.489.
Kidnapped by saxons in 495
♀ Athena ap Maelgwyn b. 491
♀ Ariana ap Maelgwyn b. 491
♀ Mair ap Maelgwyn b. 492
Talia ap Maelgwyn, b. 494 d. 494
♀ Sarah ap Mealgwyn, b. 495
♂ Dion ap Maelgwyn, b. 497
♀ Erudice ap Maelgwyn, b. 498
♂ Areus ap Maelgwyn, b. 501


Notable Relations

Old Portraits




461: Born in a rainy night in spring

463: Hiding alone in the cave, watched his father die during the The Adventure of the The Coming Dawn

468: Received Urien as his tutor and received many of Urien’s lessons.

480: Helped slay the Imber Bear and guarded Maid Aneria on her travel to Ambrius Abbey. Witnessed the poisoning of Aurelius, experienced his first battle (at Menevia) , witness the burial of the high king and saw a star fall on the behest of Merlin.

481: Lay sick as his friends worked to avoid a disastrous feast at count Robin’s account.

482: Took part in the adventure wielding the blade watching lord Elad duel with sir Gwrien, and joining in the conquest of Summerland. Was knighted together with his friends during the summer.

483: Participated in the adventure Feuds and Family. He also called in a favour from Duke Eldol so that he could secure funds enough to pay of his taxes to the king and thus resume lordship over his ancestral manor Chillmark.

484: Traveled north towards Eburacum to escort some cursed ladies. Fought in two battles against saxons while in the north and then at Merlin’s recommendation went in search of The loathly lady.. Buried his tutor Urien and married Lady Siân.

485: Became a widower, bought the Tarren Cross and fought in the Battle of Mearcred Creek.

486: Assisted Merlin in retrieving Excalibur from the lady in the lake thereby fulfilling The oath of Crows. During the Autumn he married Lady Dwyn who later died giving birth to his son Gwynn. His unlucky love life and solitude earned him the epithet ‘’the lonely’’ and distraught he turned his mind towards reinforcing Chillmark.

487: Participated in the grand sword feast at Sarum the same year, followed the king to Linden and performed diplomacy at the court of the Centurion king.

488: Took part in the Adventure of the bandits in Modron’s forest.

489: Witnessed the Peace of Excalibur and helped his friend Cadry clear his name in the Mysterious Manor. Married Lady Marion who bore him twins and began the construction of a nunnery.

490: Won great glory in the battle for Linden Pool and attended the winter court in Londinium. As Duke Gorlois flees from the city he assists Cadry in trying to stop the duke’s entourage.

491: Slew Duke Gorlois in the battle for Terrible and attended the wedding of King Arthur. Challenged his brother, Gamond, to a duel and almost died. Aftewards he asked for forgivness but failed to forgive his brother.

Was blessed with twins by Lady Marion. Became a famous knight.

492: Participated in a quest where Merlin kidnapped the king’s new born son. While defending Merlin he gravely wounded sir Brastias. Stood trial before the king for aiding Merlin.

493: Lay sick in a wasting disease while his friend tried to save him.

494: Took part as an diplomatic envoy in estragale and preformed admirably.

495: Fought at the battle of saint Alban’s, but was wounded early and lay sick during the victory feast. It was here he received his first major wound.

496: Visits Hantonne and meets King Cerdic whom has taken one of his sons as a hostage. During the autumn his follower, Sister Abigail, has troubling visions.

497: Participates in The Adventure of Castle Deep. During the winter he makes a fool out of himself at the Winter Court and suspects his wife of having an affair.

498: Participated in The Adventure at mount Snowden

Maelgwyn the Bulwark

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