King Lot of Lothain and Orkney

A northern King, known for his harsh nature


“It was usual for him to be mounted upon a high-spirited horse defending Lothain at the forefront of the men eager for fighting. It was usual for him to be fleet like a deer."

King Lot is a young king from the north, king of both the Orkneys and Lothain. He is clever, brooding and tried by the harsh north. He is one of few men that can travel north of the wall in safety, even the wildlings of the north know to keep away when the Orkneys march.


Born: 467
Son number: 1
Homeland: Lothain
Culture: Cymric, British Pagan
House: Orkney
Liege Lord: none
Current Class: King
Current Home: Lothain

Appearance: Brooding
Personality: Harsh
Distinctive features: Short hair, stubble

Known for:

Sword, …


King Lot of Lothain and Orkney

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