An ancient,withered priestess of the Cellydon line


An ancient priestess that returned from her seclusion in the Forest of Gloom in 485 A.D. after the death of her grandson Branoic. She came of her own volition rather than being summoned. Some of the people on Tisbury claim that she serves the god Gwyn, leader of the wild hunt, foremost of all.

Born: 421
Daughter number: 3
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Cellydon
Lord: Cadry ap Cadwallon
Current Class: Priestess
Current Home: Tisbury
Children: Several but most are dead

Appearance: Haunting
Personality: Vengeful old crone
Distinctive features: Withered, twisted face, dead eyes


485: Returned from a long seclusion in the forest of Gloom. Cast many dark curses over the Fenris family as a blood feud was initiated.


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