Duke Gorlois of Cornwall

The Duke of Cornwall


Book of the Dead

Duke Gorlois was slain in 490 by the collective violence of Maelgwyn the Bulwark and Gamond the Colossus

Duke Gorlois is a successful warlord and is a favorite of King Ambrosius, who gave him the shrievalty of Tintagel in perpetuity. He has taken much of the Cornwall peninsula from King Idres and guards against incursions from the Irish. He is a successful war leader and great inspiration to his men.


gorlois.pngBorn: 438
Son number: 1
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
House: Cornwall
Wife: Ygraine the Beautiful
Liege Lord: High King Aurelius
Current Class: Duke, Count, Baron
Current Home: Tintagel Castle

Other titles:
Baron of the Bright Skull (Silchester), Camulos’ Castle (Hantonne), Lord of Clean Stream (Ascalon), Sheriff of Tintagel for life

Appearance: Burly
Personality: Love conquers everything
Distinctive features: Wide shoulders

Notable: Love (Ygraine), Battle, Sword, Honor, Horsemanship, Valour, Honest, Just

Notable family:
Ygraine the Beautiful, Wife
Margawse, daughter
Elaine, daughter

Geraint, brother
Twynwedd, Sister-in-law
Cador of Cornwall, nephew
Cabertin, nephew
Clement, nephew


Duke Gorlois of Cornwall

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