Gamond the Colossus

Lord of Ludwell, son of Edern

10902 glory

Gamond is the son of Edern, one of the so called Bannermen, and heir to Ludwell. He watched his father die while he was still very young and has been raised by his stepmother and his adoptive father. in Ludwell. He served as squire to Lord Elad. who abandoned his duties in 482 to hunt The Knight of Ribs. He was knighted by Count Salisbury that same year and came into his inheritance, Ludwell manor.


AnarawdBorn: 461
Son number: 3
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Anarawd
Heraldry: Gules, three cloak pins argent
Liege Lord: Count Roderick of the Rock
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: Ludwell, Hillfort hundred
Distinctive features: Slender Limbs

Forms of address

Common: Sir
Derogatory: -
Personal: Gamond
Colloquial name: Ludwell
Informal: Gamond of Ludwell
Formal: Sir Gamond, Lord of Ludwell manor.
Optional Suffix: of the Anarawd

Notable possessions

  • A roman shield.
  • Long sword – forged a hand longer than most.
  • A cloak of deep red with three silver pins, from an unknown benefactor.

Mounted Warrior: Anwyn Ap Regnenses



Notable Family:
Lady Lilo, stepmother
Bodwyn of Ludwell, Adoptive Father
Rhodri ap Edern, elder brother, in cloister
Lilian, elder sister
Cynyr, elder bastard brother

Wives and consorts:
Meneri b. 464 w. 483 d.485 (2 births)
Nal w. 486 d. 486 (birth 1)
Tissa w. 487 d.487 (no births)

Unnamed child, died 2 years old. (485)
Son. b. 486 .Cyn


“His son Gamond inherits the manor of Ludwell with all the lands that came with it, £1 pound in silver, an old cymric chainmail with helmet, a cymric sword, a dagger, a roman shield, 5 spears, 10 javelins and three painted shields. The Saxon Clothes he wore at time of death was burned.”

Domesday book

By the honorable rights granted to us through virtue of blood, tradition and right to the dominion of Salisbury, I, Count Roderick of Salisbury, son of Count Robyn called the Grand Knight, do recognize that by right, since Time Immemorial, that Sir Gamond, the son of Edern of the Bannermen, carries all rights to the manor of Ludwell, with those fine hunting-grounds, to be held in perpetuity, with the right of judgement at the hundred court of Hillfort; and furthermore I, Count Roderick of Salisbury, recognize also the ancient right, given by the High King Constantine, to carry the arms of his lineage, three cloak pins on gules.

In return for this recognition the good friend my vassal agrees to supply upon demand, for service inside or outside or my county, the service for sixty days of one knight, and two Foot Soldiers for the army, and one Archer for the garrison of Vagon Castle.

These rights are granted in full faith and completion, but in every case excluding those parcels that are legitimately held by other vassals of mine, or by legitimate vassals of theirs, and therefore to this charter we set my seal in trust and affection.

461: Born when the birds first sang in Hillfort

463: Hiding behind his sister Lilian, watched his father die during the The Adventure of the The Coming Dawn

478: Became the squire of Lord Elad

480: Hunted and slew the Imber bear together with the Banner Sons. Participated in the Battle of Menevia. Meets Anwyn for the first time in the ancient Anarawd grove, saving her from death by a wound by carrying her to Forestwatch

481: Struggled to avert disaster at the court of Salisbury in preparation of the feast of three maidens. Watched Maid Meneri mauled by her fellow handmaidens.

482: Partakes in the conquest of Summerland as a squire to Lord Elad, sees Uther agree with King Cadwy in the swampy wilderness of that land. Is knighted in the Knighting of the Crow Boys by Count Roderick of the Rock that autumn.

483: Is gravely wounded by Saxons in an ambush on Count Roderick of the Rocks’ entourage on the road to the kings Eyre in Silchester. Discovers that he, and his Lords new wife Lady Ellen, are cursed by faerie meat and cannot beget children. Manages to reach the count with this news in time together with the Banner Sons. Marries Lady Meneri at his Lords insistance. Takes Anwyn into his entourage.

Gamond the Colossus

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