Cyning Eosa "the Giant"

King of Deira, son of Horsa


Octa is the son of the legendary saxon warchief Horsa, and the king of the Saxon Kingdom Deira, north of Logres. He was granted the kingdom and that his people could settle there after his father Hengist managed to convince Vortigern in 455.

He is a religious warrior, famous for his skill with the axe and the sword. It’s said he is envious that his cousin wields a magical weapon.

Born: 435
Son number: 1
Homeland: Deira
Culture: Saxon
Lineage: Wotan
Liege Lord: none
Current Class: King
Current Home: Nohaut
Distinctive features:
Yellow teeth

Octa (cousin)
Cyning Horsa, father
Cyning Hengest, uncle

Generous, Valorous, Proud, Worldly, Reckless, Indulgent, Honor, Axe, Javelin, Spear, Battle, Boating, Swimming, Awareness, Size (24)
Religious (Wotan)


Cyning Eosa "the Giant"

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