Ennis of Marwth

The lost son to Bryn, brother to Melkin



MarwthBorn: 450 (looks 10 years younger)
Son number: 2
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric Roman
Lineage: Marwth
Heraldry: Azure, an eagle rising argent
Liege Lord: Lady Ellen
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: Hindon, Hillfort hundred
Distinctive features: Blue eyes, raven black hair, thick eyebrows (curse)

Forms of address

Common: Sir/ Eques
Derogatory: -
Personal: Ennis
Colloquial name: Hindon
Informal: Ennis of Hindon
Formal: Sir/ Eques Ennis, Steward of Hindon manor.
Optional Suffix: of the Marwth

Notable possessions

  • The cloak of St Georges: A cloak with three strings from St Georges clothes (+2 homage liege, +2 spiritual, +1 armour)

Entourage and Household staff

Anfri, b. 466

Decimus, sq. 483, kn. 500
Sam sq. 489, d. 499

Aulos, b. 455, the roman philosopher (who teaches Ennis law)

Guiseppe, the older Italian brother (thin) – from year 496 in lady Ellen’s service

Antonio, b. 468, the younger Italian brother (fat)

Lineage men:
Garnath, Substitute Steward/ Lackey
Ranwer, Lackey
Haroh, Bailiff
Perciver, Stabler
Ingwen, Groom
Kwimmen, Groom
Nwenn, Dog boy


Wives and consorts:
Supera, b. 474 w. 492

♀ Annia, b. 495
♀ Valeria, b. 496
♂ Virgil, b. 497 (born healthy)
♀ Nereida, b. 498 (cursed: has father’s eyebrows)

Step children:
♂ Brynach, b. 485 – (Named after Melkin’s father, Bryn)
♀ Ceri, b. 486 – (Named after Melkin’s adoptive mother, Cerys)
♀ Ennys, b. 488
♀ Camlinne, b. 488
♀ Aquilina, b. 490
♂ Placus, b. 495 (in reality not a son of Nest and Melkin but a bastard of a relative)

Notable Family:
Bryn, father
Melkin, younger brother
Emogen, younger sister
Leo, brother in law
Nest, sister in law
Victus (The one-legged-knight), Distant uncle
Gornerius, Second Cousin

Older Pictures



450: Was born during autumn, just seven minutes before his identical twin brother Camlin.

462: Borrowed his fathers sword and armour and practiced sword fighting with his brother as they were attacked. He saw his twinbrother die due to his injuries.

463: Disapeard during the night of the long knives as the family left for the forest.

481: Became an eques in Noviomagus (Hantonne).

492: Became a household knight and married Supera.

494: Received St George’s cloak from his lord, as a thank you for his good service.

495: Flees the saxon invasion in Hantonne and arrives at the Rock in the midst of winter. Somehow manages to convince lady Ellen that he is Ennis of Marwth, the long lost older brother to Melkin.

496: Revisits Hantonne while taking part in The Adventure of Meeting King Cerdic. Later that year also makes an enemy during vassal duty.

497: Participates in The Adventure of Castle Deep, and ponders fate, trust and luck.

498: Participated in The Adventure of Mount Snoden and was badly injured during The Adventure of the Green Island.

499: Fought in his first real battle by the walls in Jeagent, and was almost killed during the last battle round by a peasant with a pitchfork. Dealt with the injury, his memories and family during the winter.

500: Together with sir Cadry help freeing his friends from imprisonment at Vagon Castle and saving lord Elad in the process. Also meeting his uncle Victus again for the first time in 35 years.

Ennis of Marwth

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