Myrddyn Emrys, the court sorcerer


Son number: ?
Homeland: ?
Culture: British Pagan Christian
Liege Lord: King Uther Pendragon
Current Class: Commoner
Current Home: ?
Distinctive features: Grey eyes

Older pictures

Younger Merlin


463: Commanded the Oak of Tisbury to grant him a stick, which later saved the life of Eldol of Glevum

466: Predicts that Aurelius and Uther, the sons of Constantin, will invade this year.

469: Is “freed” from Snowdon by Aurelius and Uther.

470: Steals the Giant’s Ring from Cill Dara and rebuilds it in Salisbury

480: Fought in the Battle of Menevia

481: Aided Uther’s army before the Battle of Bedegraine

481: Disappears from court.


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