Cynyr (Ap Edern)

Driven Anarawd bastard spurious


Cynyr grew up in the county of Caercolun, Streamfield hundred, his foster father a sergeant under the lord of Elmham manor. Growing up he learned all there was to know of horses, seeing them as freedom incarnate. He trained wherever and however he could, ran, fought and strived. Listened to stories of his “real father” with awe. He wants, above all, to be a real Anarawd. Included, recognized.

Having taken his bedridden fathers’ horse and arms he was squired at the battle of Bedegraine and knighted the following year after saving the Lord of Elmham manor. In 482 He was assigned to Lluds hall in Salisbury by Baron Thornbrush.


Born: 460
Son number: (3) If he was legitimate, instead Gamond is counted as the third.
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord: Baron Thornbrush
Current Class: Knight, Household
Current Home: Lluds Hall

Appearance: Tall and slender, Curly brown hair
Personality: Watchful and thoughtful, driven to better and prove himself. Secretly bitter about his lack of recognition. Idolizes Edern and has trouble admitting any fault to the man.
Distinctive features: None

Notable traits: Temperate, Reckless, Directed Proud (18) – Desires Recognition
Notable skills: Horsemanship, Folklore
Notable passions: Love Family


Cynyr (Ap Edern)

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