Corwyn ap Cadlew

Cadwallon's brother, and stepfather of his children


After Cadwallon died, his brothers has taken care of the ancien family lands. A few years after his death, his eldest brother Corwin was knighted and chose to marry Cadwallon’s widow, so that he could legally steward the manor until Cadwallon’s son came of age. Corwins young brother Garren died in 469 during the siege of Vortigern’s castle.

Age is beginning to take it’s toll on the old man, and he cannot fight or so he claimed. When his brother’s spectre returned home and injured the house god Ol’Tiss, Corwyn took up arms once again and set out to find out how his brother really died. Before managing to complete his quest, Corwyn was ambushed by a saxon champion of the fenris family. Corwyn managed to slay the saxon but was himself mortally injured.

Born: 415
Died 486
Son number: 2
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Cellydon
Liege Lord: Count Roderick of the Rock
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: Silchester Castle

Appearance: Rugged
Personality: Traditionalist
Distinctive features: Always smiling, grey beard

Notable traits : Energetic, Suspicious, Valorous
Notable passions: Love Family


481: Run’s of on a strange adventure.

485: Was spotted up north by Sir Victus chasing the Questing Beast for some unknown reason.

486: Ambushed by a saxon champion of the fenris family. Died from his wounds after the fight.

Corwyn ap Cadlew

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