Duke Corneus of Lindsey

Duke of Lindsey, 'Hammer of the Church'


Duke Corneus wards the northern part of Logres from Saxons and the wicked King of Malahaut. He fosters a tribe of Saxons on his coast and holds many foreign lands. Both these give him wealth and power, but also the mistrust of Uther and the other warlords.

Sir Corneus is an ambitious warlord, proud of his courage and prowess, unafraid of anything alive except King Uther. His bard calls him “Hammer of the Church,” a title conferred by the northern British Christian church.


corneusBorn: 435
Son number: 1
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Glevum
Liege Lord: King Uther
Current Class: Duke, Count, Baron
Current Home: King’s House, Linden Pool

Other titles:
Count of Linden Pool Castle (Linden), Baron of Magouns (Hantonne), Lord of St Peter’s Castle (Lonazep), Lord of East Town (Caercolun), Lord Eagletown, Lord of Birch Farm (Hartland), Sheriff of Linden in perpetuity.

Appearance: Short and stout
Personality: My way!
Distinctive features: Unkept beard

Hate (Church), Homage (Uther), Battle, Sword, Lance


Duke Corneus of Lindsey

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