King Cerdic

The King of West Seaxe and son of the former High King


King Cerdic is the son of High King Vortigern and half brother of Vortimer the Blessed. He rules the kingdom of West Seaxe and has claims for the throne of Britain through is father.

CerdicBorn: 451
Son number: 1
Homeland: Hwicce/Saxony
Culture: Cymric / Saxon
Lineage: Gewessi
Liege Lord: none
Current Class: High King
Current Home: Londinium
Distinctive features:
Sharp grey beard, piercing eyes

Forms of address

Common: Your Majesty
Personal: Cerdic (Note that no-one calls the king by his personal name)
Colloquial name: Lord West Seaxe
Informal: King of the Western Saxons
Formal: The Most Honourable Lord Cerdic, King of the Gewessi and the Western Saxons.
Optional Suffix:

Current entourage

High King Vortigern (father)
Rowena (mother)
♂ Pascent (half-brother)
♂ Catigern (half-brother)
♂ Faustus (half-brother)
♀ Vera (half-sister)
Vortimer (half-brother)
♂ Cynric (son)

Shield Bearer (squire):

A large entourage of up to one hundred servants and entertainers.
The royal court.

Known for

Renowned traits:
Generous, Arbitrary, Cruel, Valorous

Renowned passions:


451: Born

495: Lands in Hantonne, and begins the invasion

496: The last pockets of resistance surrenders, Cerdic formally becomes king of West Seaxe

King Cerdic

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