King Cadwy

King of Summerland


King Cadwy is a living antique, ancient beyond memory, who came out of retirement when his father, Gwynn, was banished from his throne. Cadwy is not a knight, having come to this throne before Aurelius Ambrosius established knighthood. The king is almost never seen outside of his Castle of the Great Bridge, save for when he is hunting in one of his gloomy forests.

He is not a knight, for he was king before knighthood was conceived. He recently fought off an invasion by
King Uther which was barely successful, resulting only in price concessions for Summerland’s great mineral wealth. It is whispered that Uther fears King Cadwy.


CadwyBorn: ?
Son number: ?
Homeland: Summerland
Culture: Cymric
House: Summer
Liege Lord: none
Current Class: King
Current Home: Castle of the Great Bridge, Bath

Other titles:
Most of Summerland, notably Lord of Great Bridge Castle, Castle on the Heights, Wells, Bath, and the Forest of Glamour.

Appearance: Well-fed
Personality: Enigmatic
Distinctive features: Red skin

Known for:
Lustful, Energetic, Generous, Honest, Proud, Worldly


King Cadwy

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