Cadry the Strange

Lord of Tisbury, son of Cadwallon


Cadry is the son of Cadwallon, one of the so called Bannermen, and heir to Tisbury. He watched his father die while still very young and has been raised by his stepmother and his uncle. He used to serve his brother-in-law Lord Amig as a squire but now serve Count Roderick of the Rock as a vassal knight after having secured enough money to pay of his property taxes.


Cellydon Oak Born: 460
Son number: 2
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Cellydon
Heraldry: Argent, a tree vert
Liege Lord: Count Roderick of the Rock
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: Tisbury, Hillfort hundred
Distinctive features: Thick hair, Touch of the Wyld, Graceful, Bearing of a forest lord.

Forms of address

Common: Sir
Personal: Cadry
Colloquial name: Tisbury
Informal: Cadry of Tisbury
Formal: Sir Cadry, lord of Tisbury manor.
Optional Suffix: of the Cellydon, of the Strange ways, the Strange

Notable possessions

  • The Iron Crown of Cellydon
  • A wolf-cloak worth a small fortune. Sacrificed to Beli Lugh before Cadrys knighting.
  • The Sword of Sigeberht Given to the giant Himlingslevah in 499.
  • A lock of Gwydeon’s Hair
  • A great bear-cloak made from the hide of the Imber bear worth 2 £
  • Luxovious potion inherited from his uncle and stepfather Corwyn. Given to Sir Brastias in order to save his life after Sir Maelgwyn mortally wounded him.
  • A bottle of Beaghs water given to him by strange old woman who he stopped from being robbed by a group of saxons.


Dogfael, taken as a squire in 482, died in 484
Jasper, son of Sir Jaradan of Dinton, taken as a squire in 485, graduated to knighthood 492
Hwyn, son of Sir Leo, taken as squire in 493


Notable Family:
Lady Cerys of Tisbury, stepmother
Corwyn ap Cadlew, uncle
Duddug, elder sister
Annest, elder sister
Melkin, adoptive and blood brother

Wives and consorts:
Lady Brangwen

Yraen, son born 484
Arvel, sickly son born 485. Fed milk from Damona’s cow. Died 490
Finnach, son born 486. Fed milk from Damona’s cow
Cavan, son born 489, Fed milk from Damon’s cow.
Serani, daughter born 492, died 492
Arthian, son born 495. Fed milk from Damona’s cow.


“His son Cadry inherits the manor of Tisbury with all the lands that came with it, an old Iron Crown, A valuable Wolven cloak (£2), £12 in silver and gems, £4 in raw goods, The Sword of Sigeberht, a lock of Gwydeon’s Hair (Temperate), an old cymric chainmail with helmet, a cymric sword, a dagger, 5 spears, 5 javelins and two painted shields. The Saxon Clothes he wore at time of death was burned. "

Older pictures



460: Born outside in the snow

463: While curled up in his sisters’ arms, watched his father die during the The Adventure of the The Coming Dawn

471: Together with Melkin, had an adventure with the Redcap in Mordron’s forest.

480: Helped in killing The Imber Bear together with his fellow squires and witnessed the poisoning of Aurelius. Experienced his first battle (at Menevia) , witness the burial of the high king. Met Brangwen for the first time during autumn

481: Worked to avoid a disastrous feast at count Robin’s account. Started thinking of the future and what it holds. Samhain that year lead to a revelation about the otherside.

482: Took part in the adventure wielding the blade watching lord Elad duel with sir Gwrien, and joining the the conquest of Summerland. Was knighted together with his friends during the summer. Spent his first year as a household knight and was tasked with bringing home a [[Do you have the Stones? | runestone]] to Tisbury. He also made the acquaintance of the ovate Athanwyr, who became his occasional mentor.

483: Participated in the adventure Feuds and Family, and as a result gained an enemy in Sir Blains. He also called in a favor from Duke Eldol so that he could secure funds enough to pay of his taxes to the king and thus resume lordship over his ancestral manor Tisbury.

484: Traveled north towards Eburacum to escort some cursed ladies. Fought in two battles against saxons while in the north and then at Merlin’s recommendation went in search of The loathly lady. From the loathly lady he learned that the “imprisoned man” knew more about the crown of Ungwen. Thanks to lady Ellen’s favor Cadry was allowed to marry the love of his life: Brangwen.
The gods were shoving their generous side and a son was born to Cadry.

485: A lot of strange and boring matters were brought up a the court of hillfort. At The Battle of Mearcred Creek Cadry took a saxon spear straight through his throat and was dead for a short while. Thanks to his brother Melkin he received the best care possible and the medicus of Duke Eldol managed to bring him back to life. When he finally came home from war he found that his manor had been raided. Among the raiders were a saxon of the fenris family who tried to steal the Sword of Sigeberht. The saxon in question was responsible for the death of the priest of the Cellydon householg. As a result of these events a bloodfeud is called against the fenris family. At the winter court a crow spoke and said that he and his friends would be called next year. His second son Arvel was born sickly but was fed milk from the miraculous cow which seemed to help. He also struggled with his memories of the Underworld but was counselled by his confidante and friend Athanwyr

486: An old monster from his youth returns and murders the bailiff of hillfort. Later that year the first call of the crow comes and he helps Merlin retrieve the sword of victory from lake Diana. His stepfather Corwyn is mortally wounded while fighting a saxon champion of the fenris family. Cadry travels north to retrieve Corwyn’s remains and later holds a burial. His third son Finnach is born.

487: Participated in the grand feast at Sarum the same year, followed the king to Linden and performed diplomacy at the court of the Centurion king. He also hunted down a couple of saxons sneaking onto his lands and murdering a young kinsman.

488: Took part in the Adventure of the bandits in Modron’s forest. Spent half a year lost in the realm of faerie and strange occurrences kept following him. Two squires of the Cellydon family made Cadry proud and were knighted.

489: Witnessed the Peace of Excalibur and had to clear his name when accused of murder in the Mysterious Manor. Hunted down the man who had been killing his cattle. Made friends with his former rival Sir Leo

490: Won great glory in the battle for Linden Pool and attended the winter court in Londinium. As Duke Gorlois flees from the city he assists Maelgwyn in trying to stop the duke’s entourage. His wife Brangwen have some secrets and observations she hasn’t told anyone about.

491: Marches of to war in Cornwall against Duke Gorlois. Stay a while at terrabil but later takes of to help Merlin with a quest near Tintagel. Later the same year witnessed King Uther’s marriage. Fought the saxon Lifstan in a duel and prevailed.

492: Was called a second time by the lady of Crows. Unwittingly aided Merlin in kidnapping the heir to the throne. Stood trial for this act. Brangwen fell grievously ill after giving birth to a daughter that died. Decided to start a renewal of Tisbury for Brangwen to come home to.

493: A thieving faerie tried to become King over the village Stump. It was shown the error of it’s ways when it was returned home to faerie kingdom on an island in the north. Spent the rest of the year at home in his new hall together with his sick wife to nurse her back to health.

494: Was sent to deliver a message to King Canan of Estregales from King Uther. Witnessed the poisoning of said King and managed prove the guilt of the Steward Sir Orcas through a duel to the death and thus saving prince Dirac from a dire fate. Visited Merlins birthplace and saw the first places where he performed magic and miracles. Was ambushed but opportunistic hillmen in the wake of King Canan’s death

Cadry the Strange

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