Lady Brangwen

Lady of Tisbury and wife of Cadry


Brangwen wandered into Tisbury manor a late autumn day in the year 480. In tow she had the most magnificent dun cow anyone had ever seen and she said that she had been sent to give the cow to the young squire who had hunted and slain the The Imber Bear and thus had gained the goddess Damona’s favor. The Cellydons, being the suspicious men and women that they are, nevertheless welcomed the young woman because you should always be hospitable towards the ones who do the bidding of the gods. She stayed at the manor as guest for the next few days and even after having left the manor she lingered in the area seemingly providing for herself by hunting and trapping. Her rapport with animals is extraordinary. She also has an excellent hand with a harp and a beautiful singing voice.

It seemed like she was waiting for something but no one quite knew why. When asked where she is from or who her kin is she simply smiles and declines to answer and no one seems to press the issue.

Things changed however when the young heir to Tisbury, Cadry, returned home with his blood-brother Melkin.

Even in a time before romance was even a glimmer in the eyes of the court of Camelot there was still room for true love to take root. The story of the love between the wild Brangwen, who was born a commoner, and Sir Cadry born as the heir to an ancient house, would be held up by many a lady as an example that some men and women are willing to fight against all odds to have each other even though society tries to keep them apart. Sir Cadry managed to place Brangwen close to lady Ellen, the wife of Count Roderick, during a most dangerous quest where the knight and his friends were sent out to break a curse resting over the lady. Having done so, Lady Ellen spoke to the Count on the two lover behalf and they were given right to marry as thanks for services rendered and thanks to the fact that lady Ellen had taken a liking to Brangwen. Thus Brangwen the commoner became lady Brangwen of Tisbury.
It was said that both the lord and lady of Tisbury cried at hearing the happy news,

Born: 462
Died 499
Daughter number: ?
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Husband: Sir Cadry, wed 484
Current Class: Lady
Current Home: Hillfort hundred

Personality: Strange messenger
Distinctive features: (APP 22) Enchanting green eyes, wavy red hair, melodious voice,

Yraen, son born 484
Arvel, sickly son born 485. Fed milk from Damona’s cow. Died in 490
Fionnach, son born 486. Fed milk from Damona’s cow
Cavan, son born 489, Fed milk from Damon’s cow.
Serani, daughter born 492, died 492
Arthian, son born 495. Fed milk from Damona’s cow.
Gweneth, daughter born 496. Fed milk from Damona’s cow. Kidnapped by Saexwolf in 499.
Brannoch. son born 499. Fed milk from Damona’s cow. Brangwen died giving birth to him.

Known for

Renowned traits: Generous, Honest, Reckless, Spiritual
Renowned passions: Love Goddess, Love Cadry
Skills: Hunting, Singing, Religion (Pagan)

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Brangwen younger


Lady Brangwen

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