Sir Blains

Steward of Levcomagus

Sir Blains is a common visitor at Uther’s Court, trying to win favor with the King and to woo Ellen at the same time.

Sir Blains was a household knight of Baron Ulfius. He had served Ulfius faithfully and was due to be rewarded, having saved the Duke’s life during the Frisian campaign in 479. Blains has his eye on Maid Ellen, but the girl’s father, Baron Gwylon,feelt he was not of suitable rank despite Ulfius’ backing. In late 480, Ulfius, the Duke of the Vale, rewards Sir Blains’ service by making him the Steward of Levcomagus and continues to support Blains’ efforts to marry the wealthy heiress.

This is politics as usual between the Great Barons: if Blains marries Ellen, Ulfius gains prestige and power by having a stronger and very grateful vassal, whereas if Roderick marries Ellen, he will widen the wealth and power gap between him and Ulfius.


blainsBorn: 452
Son number: 1
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord: Duke Ulfius of the Vale
Current Class: Knight, Steward
Current Home: Levcomagus

Appearance: Tall, powerful
Personality: Calculating, slow to anger but unforgiving, loyal to Duke Ulfius
Distinctive features: Deliberate stare

Homage (Ulfius), Intrigue, Sword, Covet (Ellen)


Sir Blains

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