Sir Arnoullant the Fair

"The Fair"


Sir Arnoullant is a boon companion of Segurant the Brown. He is large man with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a neatly trimmed beard that frames a famously handsome visage. Surprisingly for a man that has made a career of fighting, his face is unmarred by scars earning him the moniker “the fair.” Ladies swoon when he enters the room, and men give him all the deference his reputation demands. A relentless Glory seeker, Arnoullant often travels far and wide slaying giants and other monsters.


ArnoullantBorn: 435
Son number: 2
Homeland: Lonazep, Logres
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord: Galehaut the Brown
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: Castle on the Water (Castle Brun)

Appearance: Killing machine
Personality: Restless, cheerful
Distinctive features: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes,

APP, Valour, Energetic, Reckless, Spear Expertise, Sword

Notable family:


Sir Arnoullant the Fair

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