Lord Amig

Castellan of Borders, Constable of Salisbury, House Ravenfield


Amig has grown up to be a strong and Proud man. He has inherited all his father’s titles and even the same position as officer of the Constabulary. He takes his job very seriously, and can often be found inspecting the local lords and their horses to make sure they are serviceable in war. Thanks to his time as a squire, he has held fast to his Pagan ways.


amigBorn: 442
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord: Count Roderick of the Rock
Current Class: Knight, Castellan of the Castle of the Borders, Constable of Salisbury
Current Home: Castle Borders, Roedeer Hundred

Appearance: Agile
Personality: Duty before death
Distinctive features: Blonde hair, thin frame

Notable Family:
Lady Duddug, wife
Llyr, eldest son
Gowan, second son
Morwen, first daughter
Lowri, second daughter

Known for

Valour, Trusting, Trust Sir Cadry, Prudent

Swordsmanship, Battle

Older pictures

Amig Young
Amig Middle


Lord Amig

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