A warrior serving the king of Summerland.


Book of the Dead

Amhar died in 463 in the Night of Long Knives, he was beheaded by the Heatblade in the hands of his brother.

Amhar is a warrior from Summerland, serving the strange king that is said to rule those lands. He seems to be following his king with a die hard loyalty. He has a familiarity with the strange beasts of Forest Gloom.

He claimed that he recently lost his brother in Avalon.

Son number: ?
Homeland: Summerland
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord: King Cadwy of Summerland
Current Class: Warrior
Current Home: Bath
Distinctive features:
Long hair

Grim, the dwarf

Known for

Renowned traits: Chaste, Generous, Trusting
Renowned Passions: Fealty (Cadwy), Honor, Hospitality



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