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Oath of Crows

The child and the giant's promise

Winter 499

The unknown child and the giant's promise

Boat journeys always unsettle me. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, no proper land underneath your feet. There is something decidedly wrong with sailors. No sane man would ever choose to live most of his presumably short life on the seas.

Unfortunately, there is no Merlin around to send me back from Eire this time around. On the other hand, I lost almost half a year the last time that happened. Would have been worth it though to not have to get on a boat for the second time in two months. Oceans are even worse during winter time too. Hopefully I will never have to return to the green isle in this life. Too bad the romans didn’t build a bridge. Would have been a lot better to ride there.

At least not everything was bad in Eire. The king of Lein wasn’t at home. Apparently, he had taken our advice and had gone raiding in Cornwall. His queen welcomed me and I spent a few nights at their home, trying to find a guide to help me locate Himlingslevah, the giant. The last night I spent in the king’s home one of his younger daughters sought me out. I had been sleepless for several nights and something had seemed wrong. Her name was Brigid and unlike he sisters, she was a wild thing that made up her own mind and didn’t respect her parent’s wishes and god. She spoke sweet things to me in the night and she lay with me. She said that she wanted to make her own way in this world. She left me before the sun rose and I didn’t see her before I left later during that day.

Eire is a strange place. I never thought I would have a remotely peaceful conversation with a giant even once, much less twice. I returned the giant blade to him and he walked down to the ocean and threw it in. I could swear that I saw a hand reach up from the waves and catch the sword. The giant said that allies of the giant king would bring it back to where it belongs. Part of me is glad to be rid of the blade, getting rid of the weight. Somehow the blade has seemed heavier on the journey to the giant. Another part of me however mostly feels glee at the prospect that the sword is out of reach of Saexwolf forever.

The giant offered me a reward for the return of the blade. Many things crawled through my mind, trying to get my attention; send the giant to kill and eat the fenris, send him to rescue my daughter, giving me a fortune. All these things seemed like good things to ask for but suddenly something came over me. Some other voice spoke through my mouth. The voice asked for a weapon in return for the blade that was given. A blade that would be the bane of my family’s enemies. Something told me that my descendants would need it in the future. The giant questioned if I was strong and worthy enough to wield a weapon forged in Jotunheim. I ascertain that I was and he told me that when I or one of my descendants had found out the truth of the Iron Crown and understood my family’s legacy I should seek out the halls of the giant king but not before. On that day, I will wield a weapon such as has never been carried by any of my ancestors.


Short and sweet! Now lets just hope this decision have no repercussions on your immortal soul…

The child and the giant's promise

Soul, schmoul. The only important things is glory. My Fame Will secure me a life as a mighty king in the next life. ;-)

The child and the giant's promise

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