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Oath of Crows

The hundred court of Hillfort


The hundred court of Hillfort

Early in the year of 485 our young knights gathered at the local court in Hillfort to sort out juridical issues, as of their duties as vassal knights. Many a legal case was brought to the court some more interesting than others. A man was hung for having stolen a bottle of wine with the intention of selling the ill gotten bottle at Sarum. Another man was refusing to pay king’s toll on Maelgwyn’s land since that historically was paid directly to the lord of the manor. That errand was handed over to Sheriff Bedwor.

Gamond’s stepbrother brought to the court an accusation of Gamond’s neglect of his father Bodwyn of Ludwell. According to him Bodwyn had not been treated with respect since the steward post had been handed to another. Gamond refused to listen to these accusations and in the end Maelgwyn invited their stepbrother and stepfather to stay at Chillmark.

Cadry also opened a case against Gamond, since Gamond had been hunting a dangerous man on Tisbury grounds. The case was settled between them with a simple compensation of 3 libra. The sheriff however summoned Gamond to his court for a serious overstepping of boundaries (literally).

After the court Cadry, Maelgwyn, Gammond and Melkin all sat talking to their close neighbours. The knights discussed the legal cases, their trust in count Roderick and lady Ellen and much more. At one point Gorfydd accused the group for creating too many disturbing rumors about women and promptly told Melkin to get married. The men also discussed the raids in Hillfort and how to they could deal with these bandits. During these discussions it dawned on our heroes that the only area that had not been raided as of yet was Ludwell.


The good people cry out for justice for the Tarrens!

The hundred court of Hillfort

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