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Oath of Crows

The dead do not rest easy

Year 481


"What happened during the winter at Tisbury ? Well… it is not an easy tale to tell Sir." Cadry seemed reluctant to speak up, which for him was highly uncharacteristic. He looked pleadingly at Lord Amig and also spared an glance for his young nephew, Llyr.

Amig gazed directly at his squire and seemed to consider the evasive behavior. Narrowing his eyes, he finally spoke "Your uncle riding off to find his dead brothers corpse after all this time certainly demands an explanation and I can guarantee that the Count will demand one as well. So speak and make this an elaborate retelling, I do not want to have to drag the words out of you like I have to do with Melkin."

Straightening up and seeming to focus, Cadry started retelling the events of the winter gone by.

"It began with something that happened at the feast held in the honor of the three maids that had come visiting. The harpist Airla, the woman from Brittany, she sang a song of a hero called Fur and in that song it was mentioned the way the hero was supposed to be buried depending on whether he fell on the battlefield of if he died at home. As you know my lord, my family have always had our own traditions in regards to times of war and times of peace and the keeping of the dead?" Waiting for a confirming nod from Lord Amig, Cadry proceeded with his tale.

"Something about the mentioning of the burial details stuck with me during the summer and autumn. I asked our priestess and she said that something from the past was throwing a veil over the present but that she couldn’t ascertain any more details. I tried to ask the Old Man under the hill but he gave no answer."

A brief shudder shook Cadry as he considered what had happened next. "Perhaps Llyr should go and help his younger brother with his shores, Sir?" he said hesitantly.

Amig looked at his young son, who had remained quiet so far, and replied "My son is a page now and will have to learn to face whatever may come. Besides, this concerns his own family through his mother and he should get more acquainted with the stranger aspects of this world and the next."

Nodding his understanding, Cadry forged ahead into the darker parts of the narrative. "Everything changed on Samhain eve. We celebrated as usual at Tisbury by dousing all the fires when night approached so the dead wouldn’t see the light and linger in our house. When it had grown dark outside we sat in the hall, remembering and telling tales about the ones who had gone before. There was something eerie over the whole proceeding and everyone was on edge. When the hour of the wolf approached we heard a loud voice outside shouting and screaming. Me and uncle Corwyn went outside but told the others to stay inside and to keep the door shut."

Pausing and drink a little from his mug of beer, the young squire could see that his nephew was sitting on the edge of his seat with his eyes wide open. With a small sigh Cadry composed himself and continued "When we look up at the burial hill we could see two vague outlines of two men. They were giving of a faint light and they stood facing each other. Carefully walking closer, I could tell that one of the men was Ol’ Tiss himself and my uncle whispered that the other man was his brother. His dead brother, Garren. Uncle Garren was the only one speaking or rather shouting. He demanded that Ol’Tiss let him pass through the gate in the hill so he could go to the otherlands. The old man underneath the hill remained quiet however and just met the gaze of the spectre. Finally uncle Garren pulled his ghostly blade and swung at Ol’Tiss…"

Cadry looked Amig straight in the eyes and said "Sir, I am going to have to ask you to swear not reveal what I tell you to anyone outside of our family." Amig didn’t hesitate for a second "You have my word that I will not speak of what you tell next. Now go on."

"I can hardly believe what I saw, but the blade wounded Ol’Tiss, my lord! When seeing the wound on the old man something irrational came over me and uncle Corwin and we knew that we couldn’t allow this to happen. Without thinking we put ourselves between the two ghostly forms and I thought that uncle Corwin or myself would surely be struck down. Fortunately for us, uncle Garren stopped his blade mid stroke and seemed to recognize his brother. Seeing a chance to stop this madness, uncle Corwin told me to draw my blade and sprinkle some of my blood at the feet of the specter. That quick thinking on my uncle’s part proved to be a life saver for suddenly the ghost couldn’t move forward anymore and everything was deadly still."

Shuddering at the memory something haunted came over Cadry but he kept speaking nonetheless "Uncle Garren spoke in a hollow voice and said that he couldn’t rest for he was not buried properly and then he started fading away. Before he was completely gone however, uncle Corwin swore to him that he would find out what had happened to him and retrieve his remains so that Garren could rest. When I looked at Ol’Tiss I could see him nod as if to say that he had heard Corwins oath and that he approved. So what drove uncle Corwin to ride of was a Geas. He must find his brother or die trying or he will be cursed. He told me that I must somehow regain the right for our priests and priestesses to bury our dead in Tisseberrie hill while he is gone so that uncle Garren can rest with my father and our ancestors."



Very interesting twist on the winter events in my opinion, your old “father” rushing of on adventure at his age! Who knows what will happen with him!

The dead do not rest easy

Thank you!

That crazy old coot. It will be really cool if he manages to get through all of the 14 years of adventure though. :-)

The dead do not rest easy

Super cool Filip! Well written!

The dead do not rest easy

Goddamn pagans that won’t even stay dead!

The dead do not rest easy

Really nice bit of lore building here, love the way you flesh out pagan rituals and world-views. It will be very interesting to see if your “stepfather” returns! :-)

The dead do not rest easy

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