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Oath of Crows

Marital Aid

Year 497


To the Right Revered Mother Superior Imelda, Lady Marion sends greeting in the Lord.

Let me first once again thank you for your kind words during Dion’s christening and extend all the gratitude from my household unto you. I would wish that I could speak to thee myself but the children leave little time for even the most important travels.

I beseech thee for advice Right revered mother in a most delicate matter concerning me and my beloved husband, Lord Maelgwyn, Lord of Chilmark, Faithfull servant of Lady Ellen, Favored by the Church. I’m sure you have heard the rumors floating around about me and my husband lately but I hope you understand that there is more to this story than it seems at first. Let me therefore tell thee what I’ve seen and heard and I implore thee to keep a mind free from rumors and misconceptions:
It was during the winter court in Salisbury that my husband, in opposite of his usual self, drank too much of the good wine Lady Ellen supplied. He grew boorish and distant and when he finally went to relive himself, I’m sorry to speak about thing like this with you revered mother but I promise you that these details are needed to understand my plight, and more than I was pleased of his absent. He was gone a long while but I paid little mind, hoping that he had found somewhere quiet to think and rest, but soon the door to the hall burst open and a young serving wench girl stormed in crying with my inebriated husband in tow. She claimed my beloved husband had been flirtatious with her and that he had said a great deal of slanderous things to her. My husband, of course, said that nothing had happened and that the girl had misunderstood the entire thing. Now I’ve never been one to mistrust my husband’s faithfulness but in his drunken state his demeanor seemed to me to speak of guilt! Soon the girl was whisked away and the feast continued but both I and my husbands excused ourselves. My husband seemed embarrassed and guilt-ridden the entire stay in Sarum and even though I know he is a good Christian man I can’t shake the feeling that he has done something sinful.

I put these worries aside for some time, Dion’s birth taking its toll, and I did my best to close my ears to the rumors brewing around me. But my good husband acted so strange during the coming months; avoiding me and turning away his gaze as we spoke. One day I couldn’t take it anymore and traveled to Tisbury where I was planning to seek condolences with Lord Tisbury’s wife; Lady Brangwen. When I returned my husband was furious! He claimed that I’d abandoned my house and husband and made it clear that he did not believed I had visited lady Brangwen but rather that I had eloped with some unknown knight! Both I and Lady Tisbury tried to speak to him but he would have none of it. He was, again excuse my language, most uncouth and brash towards both me and Lady Brangwen.

As you can see my marriage is in peril. I love my husband but at the moment, excuse my frankness, he seems almost daft! So I beseech the revered mother: what advice do you have? I know many women and men come to you with far grimmer stories of love and relations than I and Sister Abigail have spoken only prestigious words of your wise counsel. How can I Prove to my husband that I’m forever faithful to him and how can I start to mend the rift between us?

Pray say many kind words from me to all your blessed Sisters. May you continue in good health and good spirits, most reverend and divinely favored Mother superior.

Dictated by Lady Marion, written by Sister Abigail.

Maelgwyn’s Letter

To the most divinely beloved Right Reverend Father Dilwyn, Lord Maelgwyn sends greetings in the Lord.

I seek the most urgent council from thee Revered father concerning my wife Lady Marion. As you surely have heard I made a fool of myself during the winter court. Too much wine had made me bawdy and reckless and as I passed a serving girl a few sinful compliments flowed from my mouth. She was rightly angered but as she spoke to the gathered nobles I must say she painted me in a most unfavorable light and half of the thing she claims I said I would never even be able to utter! Even though I knew the girl only spoke half-truths I found it hard to deflect from me the blame and guilt. I remembered the Lords words on the mount: ‘’that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.’’
Considering the holy words it felt prudent to accept her damning words as just punishment for my actions but little did I know what a great mistake I made. My wife, even though I explained what had happened to her several times, seemed inclined not to believe me and her neglect hurt me more than any foul words at court could ever do.

For the entire winter she completely ignored me and I felt great sorrow as I left for my duties in Sarum. During the evenings and nights away from my beloved family I spent a great amount of time in the chapel seeking guidance and solace. I realized that I perhaps had been mistaken and the good Chaplain of Lady Ellen assured me that love does indeed conquer all and that I should again speak to my wife so that this quarrel could be settled. So I returned to my home with anticipation of making amends. You can imagine my surprise I found my home empty and in disarray! The servants claimed my wife had left for Tisbury manor a week ago but when I questioned them further and sent my trusted servant Rhyfel to investigate I found that my wife had not been in Tisbury for more than five days! Where my wife has spent these unaccounted two nights I do not know but I fear the worst.

So I beseech thee Right Revered Father for council. I fear my wife has decided to exact the cruelest of punishments onto me and my family yet I still do love her. Her actions pains me more than any Saxon or warrior has ever managed to do. I turn to thee for your wise council in this matter. Can my marriage and love be saved?

Fare thee well always, and pray for me, most right revered father.
Lord Mealgwyn, Servant of the Lord most high, Loyal Subject of Lady Ellen, Lord of Chillmark, Bulwark of Hillfort.


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Marital Aid

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