Campaign of the Month: August 2016

Oath of Crows


Year 460


Summer solo (Enemy)

The summer of 460 turned out to be a slow and frustrating season for the aging Cadwallon. Sharing the castle DuPlain with the dark haired beauty that had so mysteriously shown up on the road when she was sorely needed, became a sore trial for the lusty pagan. Always the lady would tease and hint at carnal promises but never would she even come close to consummating any kind of relationship. Missing his wife who he had left at home he turned to one of the washer girls who was comely enough. They carried on a secret affair, never being seen in public but rather met out in the country where they wouldn’t attract unwanted attention. Alas it was not meant to last.

The winter

During this winter things turned complicated when the father (Tidwall) of the washer girl (Mira) finally found out. The reason for him finding out turned out to be the fact that the girl was pregnant. When confronted by her father the girl shamefully confessed who the father was and then fled during the night. Thanks to this debacle Tidwall turned to the hundred court and asked for justice and re-compensation. The court found in the favor of the father and ordered Cadwallon to pay a fine of two pounds to the bereaved father. Even though the matter was settled in court, Tidwall still harbors a grudge against his lord but lacks any means of acting against him.
In better news for Cadwallon, his uncle Cadlew died during the winter and left him goodly amount of trade goods to the sum of six pounds which certainly helped restore the strained finances of Tisbury manner after court mandated fine. Cadlew was sent of to the other side with all respect owed to an honored kin and was buried with his father and brothers on Tisbury hill. The family held a remembrance feast in honor of a life well lived. Some say that they heard a quiet voice from under the hill during the night of the burial, that welcomed Cadlew home.
As if nature abhors an imbalance, on the day after his uncle was buried, Nia gave birth to a son during the coldest winter day. Cadwallon was beside himself with joy and swore that he would make a proper sacrifice the the one under the hill and to the gods for finally having lifted their curse on him.



Considering the hefty payment, perhaps a daughter of a richer man would be more appropriate?

Also! I’d like to have the court case in session, if you don’t mind?


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