Campaign of the Month: August 2016

Oath of Crows


Year 460-461


Summer solo (Enemy)

During the summer Bryn and Edern were out patrolling, when they happened upon a group of foreign travellers who had been attacked by a group of bandits. Not knowing the customs of these people Bryn started helping a well dressed women, who was in need of aid. Not only was the women low born but also the property of the lord in the travelling party. Bryn had thus succeeded in offering help in the wrong hierarchical order (which was a great offence) and touching another lords property which was seen as a relentless challenge.

The winter

During the winter Bryn started off the season by getting a cold that grew worse each day. It was a busy winter because of the wedding of Bryns cousin Victus, which Bryn helped plan. Ignoring the cold he travelled, had meetings and made sure that the wedding was honourably executed. Just after the winter solstice the cough seemed to have burrowed its way into Bryns very bones, and slowly turned into pneumonia. Falling dreadfully ill Bryn coughed so hard that eventually a couple of his ribs broke and weekend his breathing. Not until the first flower had grown outside the door he started to recover. Weakened, short of breath and with dark circles below his eyes he eventually got back on his feet, just as his wife gave birth to their forth son Melkin. The child also in poor health seemed to illustrate a strangely accurate reflection of Bryn himself.



The low born woman is probably a Roman slave, Ill suited in the feudal society that’s coming. That would explain her owners anger.

Your wife spends a lot of time in the chapel during the winter, even though its very cold in there “It’s for our child.”


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